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Bent AMD CPU Pins

Bent Pins - AMD Ryzen 7 CPU

Some gamers try to build their very own first gaming PC all by themselves. Sometimes it’s successful and on some occasions, mistakes are made.

One gaming build was brought to us when the person ran into problems. After checking through the PC, we discovered that there were bent pins on the CPU

This is really quite bad, as trying to straighten the pins can result in them breaking. This can be quite expensive as AMD and Intel CPUs can cost hundreds of pounds and a single bent or snapped pin will void your manufacturer’s warranty

Luckily for this customer, we were about the straighten out the damaged pins and successfully fit this AMD Ryzen 7 COU into the motherboard AM4 socket.

Straightening bent pins is a delicate process as they can easily snap. This is something best left to a professional with previous experience in such repairs.

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