Business IT Support Falkirk

We offer Support to Businesses in Falkirk and the surrounding areas.  With a fast response time, we can be there and provide your company with on-site support, in 30 minutes*  We have the quickest response times of all IT Support companies in the Falkirk area.  Most support providers, provide support response periods of up to 24 hours, we aim to act fast and get your problems resolved within hours, where possible and dependent on the problems you are facing.

Computer Maintenance Our qualified and experienced computer engineers have years of experience and the expertise to resolve all your computer problem and faults as fast as possible.  Whether it’s a hardware fault or a software-related issue, we can identify and fix the problem fast, allowing you to get on with business as usual. Click here to read more.

Custom Built Computer Systems Whatever your requirements, we can build systems for you from low spec to high-end powerful machines for Photography, Autocad, video editing and Music processing/recording.

Web Design / Hosting / Business Email  We can design and build a website customised to your type of business and its requirements.  We can register the domain name, provide web hosting and also business email addresses.

Computer Networking  We can link up all your computers and create a file share network between the machine or dedicate one machine as a server, with all the data saved and accessible from that location.  It is also possible to share printers between different computers.

Data Recovery  Quite often people and businesses fail to make regular backups of their data, in the event of a hard drive failure you may need support with data recovery.  We can offer data recovery for computers and external storage devices such as USB drives and external hard drives. Click here to read more.

Secure Data Disposal  Businesses have a responsibility to properly dispose of any data relating to their employees and customers. We can 100% guarantee to securely dispose of your data to the US Department of Defense Standards. Click here to read more.

Data Encryption  We can encrypt your data or create new encrypted storage folders on your computers or external storage devices.  This ensures that your data is secured in the event that one of your computers is stolen, and also in the event that a USB storage device is lost or if someone hacks into your computers. Click here to read more.

Client Database Development  Do you need a special database created to list your customer and specifics about them, we can build a database with a friendly and intuitive graphical interface. tell us your requirements and we can have this developed in 2 weeks.

Software Development  Is there a piece of software that you have been looking for and just can’t find?  if you can picture this application and what you want it to do, we can have it developed for you with a fully working product within 2 weeks.


For more information on Business IT Support – Please email or call us on 01324 804 254