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SSD Upgrade and Service

This Acer PC is approx 8 years old and the hard drive is starting to wear out. It was slow and quite unresponsive. I was tested and the average write speed was only 25MBPS, which is really slow. After discussing the options with the customer, we decided to upgrade the old HDD to a new […]

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Bent AMD CPU Pins

Some gamers try to build their very own first gaming PC all by themselves. Sometimes it’s successful and on some occasions, mistakes are made. One gaming build was brought to us when the person ran into problems. After checking through the PC, we discovered that there were bent pins on the CPU This is really […]

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Laptop Battery Replacement

We ordered a replacement battery from our supplier, which arrived after two days. The battery has not been fully charged and tested to ensure that it’s holding a full charge. It’s best not to leave a battery drained for too long and to try and always allow the battery to discharge and recharge periodically. It’s […]

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Fake BT Scam

One of our customers were scammed by a caller claiming to be from BT.  As is usually the case, the customer was already having issues with BT and expecting a call from them, which made the scammer all the more convincing.  Needless to say, they managed to get access to the customer’s laptop and through […]

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Windows 11 Upgrade

Like always, new operating systems can take a bit of getting used to. However, it’s possible to uninstall windows 11 and revert back to windows 10 within 30 days of the upgrade. Windows 10 Support will still continue till 14th October 2025, so there’s still 2.5 years till it’s imperative to switch to the newer […]

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PC Service and Health Check

We recommend that customers have an annual service and health check carried out on their computers to keep. We service and clean out the Computer from the dust that builds up inside and on the fans. We also provide a full health check, security assessment and give the system a tune-up to optimise for better […]

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Website Ceritificate Data Invalid

A customer was having problems accessing some websites including her bank account. Every time she tried to access them she was told that the security certificate was invalid or that the time and date was incorrect.  She kept adjusting her time on the Computer, but every morning it was the same problem over again. The […]

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PC Motherboard Failure

Another desktop PC with motherboard failure. The PC would switch on but there was no output to the monitor. After testing by swapping out the RAM, CPU and graphics card, there was still no difference. Finally tried with another PSU and still had the same result. A new motherboard has been ordered and is being […]

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Emotet Malware Warning

Last night users of AVG antivirus started receiving pop up warnings regarding the increasing threat of Emotet malware in the UK. Emotet is a piece of malware that’s been around for many years but has become an increasingly popular choice for cyber criminals. This is spread by emails through infected attachments such as excel spreadsheets […]

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