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Sometimes you need Computer support in your home for problems with your printer, you have lost your internet connection.  You may want a new broadband router setup or to link different computers so that you can access files across multiple machines (File Share Networking).  You may have a new printer and want it set up with the computer either by USB or over your home network as a wireless printer.

Have you just bought a new computer and need it setup?  We can connect it to your internet, install your printer, antivirus, set up your email, install a web browser you are used to using, configure the default starting page, help you install Microsoft Office and other software. We can help transfer the data from your old machine to the new one and even spend some time going over how things work in the case that the new computer has a different operating system to the last machine you were used to using.

If your computer is just running slow and not performing well, it may just need a tune-up which we can do at your home in the space of an hour.

We also provide a free collection service and can pick up your machine and take it away for testing if that’s necessary and the work can not be completed in your home.  If the computer won’t switch, won’t boot up to the Windows desktop, or is badly infected it definitely needs to be taken away for further testing or to access the extent of the Virus or Malware Infection.

After we complete all the necessary tests on your system, we will get back to you with a cost of how much the repairs will cost.  IF the computer can not be repaired or the cost of parts is not economically viable, there are other options like data recovery so that we can get all your documents, pictures, music and other data that’s important to you.

For book an engineer for a home support visit  – Please email or call us on 01324 804 254