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Computer Tune-up Falkirk

Computer Tune-up

 Computer Tune-up

Is your computer running slow, freezing up and just driving you crazy?  Don’t worry it may just need a tune-up, which is similar to having your car serviced once a year.  Over time a lot of things can build up in the system and cause problems, slowing it down or causing it to freeze up in the middle of what you are doing.  There may be error messages saying the software is Not Responding or you may see a circle going round and round as if it’s struggling to do something.

Most of the time we can fix this in the space of an hour, in the comfort of your home and without you having to be without your computer whilst it’s away be repaired somewhere. There are a lot of things that we can do which including fixing any File Fragmentation, Fragmented Master File Table, Registry Errors, Optimising the Windows Shell, Reducing Processes and Services in the Background and deleting all the Temporary Data.

For more on having a Computer Tune-up  – Please email or call us on 01324 804 254