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Data Recovery

Data Recovery


DATA RECOVERY FALKIRK: We can recover data from your hard drive or external storage devices in the event that you have accidentally deleted files, formatted the hard drive, the partition is lost, or your operating system won’t boot up to the desktop.  Has a scammer had access to your PC and locked you out because you wouldn’t pay?  We can recover all your documents, photos, music, etc.

In the event that there is physical damage to the disk platter we cannot guarantee data recovery but may be able to recover some of the data.  This really depends on how bad the damage is and how many sectors have been affected. If the read/write heads have collided with the disk surface, recovery may not be possible and we may refer you to a specialist who may have a better chance.

If you suspect that the hard drive is failing, it’s best not to continue using and get it checked out right away.  If you have deleted files which you need recovering, do not continue to use the computer as the files may be overwritten and become unrecoverable.


For advice and support for an infected system – Please email or call us on 01324 804 254