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MSI Gaming Laptop

This expensive MSI gaming laptop is pretty High Specification and came to us with a few problems. The system had been blue screening over a few months and finally wouldn’t even power on. 

we disconnected the battery and reset the BIOS and found that the system managed to boot up.  Then the small BIOS batter was tested and it had a low power output of 1.1v when it should have been around 3v.  We couldn’t find any replacement batteries that size so the wires and connector were removed and wires to a standard CR2032 3.30v coin cell Battery.

We tested the boot SSD which was a 500GB Samsung NVME PCIE SSD.  The drive was fully scanned and no bad blocks were found, after a read speed test the result were around 1250MPBS.  This is a fantastic speed and up to 4 times faster than a SATA SSD in good working order. 

Windows 10 was corrupted and wouldn’t load so we needed to reinstall the operating system. Unfortunately, the customer didn’t back up their data, so we had to first recover the C drive user data before reformatting and installing the windows 10 operating system.  Once that was completed we installed the device drivers and restore the user data. 

The laptop was successfully repaired and all done in 24 hours of receiving the computer. 


MSI Laptop BIOS Battery

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